Save big money on restroom paper

Jan 3, 2020

It can be difficult to make price comparisons between restroom disposables (towels, bath tissue). Questions like, “how many feet on a roll,” or “how many rolls in a case” are staple when trying to determine which brand is most cost effective in each situation. While pricing is a major concern, overall savings long term is the actual goal. The most accurate method for comparing the price between different brands of toweling and bath tissue is by calculating the price per pound (divide the price per case by the pounds per case to arrive at the price per pound). Beyond the price, other factors come into play too, like softness, durability, and dispensing methods. Hidden costs that are rarely considered include the amount of labor time it takes to change, fill, and clean paper dispensers, and how much waste different types of dispensers may generate. Also, the lurking cost of vandalism, usually brought on by running out of paper during usage, can become a factor. Finally, if the product quality is not suitable (too rough, too thin, etc.), or the dispensing system inadequate for the type of clientele, then any cost savings that might have been achieved goes down the drain. It costs more to supply poor quality paper products through inadequate dispensing systems than it does to buy the best systems on the market. This goes against every buyer’s instinct when it comes to saving money long term. The trick is to match the right dispensing solution to the facility’s users first and then worry about the quality and price of the paper. Why? Because eliminating waste is the way to keep restroom disposable paper costs down, not price cutting.