How To Choose A Rotary Floor Machine Brush

How to Break in a Brush

Before using a new brush on carpeting, the brush should be broken in according to the following

directions. This will eliminate possible excess drag by “tipping” the strands, removing any possible

burrs caused by the manufacturing process.

Break-in Procedure

1. Mount the brush on the floor machine. Follow ALL instructions included in your

owner‘s manual.

2. Find a rough textured floor surface, preferably unfinished concrete.

3. Operate the machine on this surface. Run the machine DRY for approximately

15-20 minutes. The brush fibers will take a slight set or lean in the direction of

machine rotation.

4. Rinse the brush to remove any dirt caught when running machine. The brush

is now ready to be used on carpeting.

How to Select the Correct Rotary Product

Use Marko's online RotoMach Rotary Brush Selector or contact our customer service department. Please provide the following information

to help us assist you in ordering the proper product.

Pad Driver or Brush

If your preference is to have a dedicated product, select a brush. If you have a variety of

applications, your choice may be a pad holder. The surface being cleaned and the amount of

dirt build-up will help determine the selection. The key to remember when ordering these items

is the block diameter in relationship to the machine size. A brush is sized 2 inches smaller than

the machine because of the flare of the brush fibers. Pad drivers are specified 1 inch smaller than

the machine.

Machine Make and Model Number

When calling customer service, please have the machine manufacturer and model number to

help determine the block size, center hole diameter and clutch plate necessary to attach the

block to the machine. If the machine size is not apparent from the model number, please provide

this specification.