How to Choose a Dust Mop

Rick Meehan mopping

The efficient removal of dust and dirt particles is the first step in proper floor care. A preventative maintenance program using quality dust mops will protect your floor and finish from abrasive dust and dirt particles. To accommodate your needs, we offer a wide variety of dust mops for a number of floor types including laminate, hardwoods, epoxy floors, and many other hard floor styles. Let the following information assist you in choosing which dust mop is right for you.


Cotton is the most popular and least expensive yarn for dust mops; however, nylon yarn, although at a slightly higher cost, will outlast cotton ten times over. Twisted looped-end cotton yarn requires an oil-based dust mop treatment to be most effective. Cut-end twisted nylon yarn gathers static electricity when rubbed over the floor surface, thereby attracting dust without the use of chemical treatments. Both types, cotton and nylon, may be laundered.


By trapping more dust, producing less yarn debris, and resisting tangles, the looped-end dust mop delivers maximum performance. Because looped-end yarns withstand heavy use and frequent laundering without fraying and unraveling, linting is virtually eliminated. Looped-end yarn is available in long strands for greater coverage or short loops for hi-tech and health care applications.


Synthetic backing material has replaced cotton as the industry standard because it dries much faster and absorbs less treatment than cotton. Marko offers durable polyester backings. Stainless snaps (except as otherwise noted) are standard on our backings; ties are also used on some of our mops. Backing colors include: red, blue, and white.


High quality construction leads to the best value in a dust mop. Mops of professional quality have pre-shrunk backings and top grade yarn to withstand heavy-use and repeated launderings. Reinforced stitching at stress points are signs of better mop construction.

Frames and Handles

To provide free-swiveling or rigid handle positions, use a our handle with a swivel-snap device attached to the frame. Frames are available from 18" to 72" in length.


Dust Mop TreatCotton dust mops require oil-based treatment for effective dust pick up and retention. With real lemon oil, Marko Dust Mop Treatment helps cotton collect up to 80% more dust. TIP: Spray a new dust mop replacement head thoroughly with dust mop treatment and place inside a sealed plastic bag overnight. This gives the oil a chance to soak into the cotton fiber. This is called "treating the fiber." Dust mops can be washed; however, always put them in a laundry bag or slide them into the leg of an old panty hose to keep the fibers straight. Never use bleach!!! Chlorine bleach will destroy cotton fibers and reduce the durability of your dust mop.