How To Choose A Brush

To accommodate your specific needs, we offer a wide variety of brushes. Let the following information assist you in choosing the right brush for the task.

Why so many fibers to choose from?

Stiffness, liquid retention, durability and cost are just a few of the characteristics that make certain fibers better for certain jobs. And since brushes are used for so many different jobs-from dusting to applying wall paper paste-there has to be a wide variety, as shown below:

NYLON is a resilient synthetic fiber that has a high heat tolerance, excellent bend recovery and can be autoclaved. It is available straight, crimped or flagged. Resists acid, heat, oil and most solvents. Used in most scrub brushes.

POLYSTYRENE is a durable synthetic fiber that resists moisture and many solvents. Available crimped or flagged.

POLYPROPYLENE is a synthetic fiber that is available crimped or straight in a variety of colors. It has a very long life and high resistance to acid and most solvents.

BLACK TAMPICO is a synthetic fiber that is available crimped or straight in a variety of colors. It has a very long life and high resistance to acid and most solvents.

BASSINE comes from the Palmyra palm of India and Africa. Texture is stiff and coarse. Color ranges from dark brown to black. This durable low cost fiber is commonly used for stiff scrubbing applications.

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PALMYRA comes from the Palmyra palm also, hence the name. The fibers are very durable and range from medium stiff to very stiff. It is resistant to liquids and heat, brown in color, and is ideal for a variety of jobs.

What does "flagged" mean?

Many brushes have "flagged" (also known as "feathered") bristles. Flagged bristles contain split ends which decrease stiffness and add liquid and dust retention properties. This soft, synthetic fiber is ideal for dusting, fine sweeping of smooth surfaces and washing vehicles without scratching.


Fibers are set into either structural foam or wood blocks, both of which come in a variety of styles and sizes. More and more end-users are choosing structural foam due to its obvious advantages-durability, water resistance and its non-warping, non-splintering characteristics. Nevertheless, many end-users still prefer traditional wood.

Push It

There are several different types of floor brushes (or push brooms) available: Floor Sweeps, for indoor surfaces; Garage Sweeps, for concrete and outdoor use; and Street Brooms, for sweeping heavy debris on rough surfaces. In addition, each of these categories contain a variety of styles and sizes. For larger sweeps, our Handle Braces provide added support and keep the sweep from twisting.

Scrub It

Just as there are many different surfaces to clean, there are many different brushes to accommodate these different needs. What to look for: appropriate fiber stiffness for the job; block or handle ergonomics; and surface coverage. To give synthetic fibers better liquid retention while retaining their superior strength, specify "crimped" fibers.

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