Pumie Brand Pumice Stone Scouring Stick Toilet Bowl Ring Remover

Pumie Brand Pumice Stone Scouring Stick Toilet Bowl Ring Remover

Pumie Scouring Stick Case
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Manufacturer U.S. Pumice

Solid block of mild abrasive pumice for scrubbing stains from porcelain, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry, and iron fixtures without scratching. Removes rust and mineral deposits, hard water rings, lime, and stains from urinals, sinks and showers. Speeds and completes the cleaning of chemicals. Works alone cleaning where cleansers fail. Unexcelled for Removing * Unsightly toilet bowl rings. * Stubborn stains in tubs, sinks and showers. * Rock-hard mineral deposits around faucets and drains. * Scale and rust on metal work and piping. * Lime and algae deposits in swimming pools. * Rust and grime on workshop and garden tools. * Unwanted paint on tile, masonry and concrete * surfaces. * Baked on food, grease and carbon buildups in ovens, on barbecues, grills and iron cookware. Instructions: wet the bar. Rub bar on surface you wish to clean using back and forth strokes. The paste buildup helps to clean and polish. Rinse cleaned surface of residue. Safe for hands. Contains no detergent or chemicals. DO NOT USE on highly polished metals, glass, fiberglass and unbaked enamel surfaces. Bar measures 6"L x 1.25"W x .75"D.

A box contains 12 units. A case contains 72 units. Place your order by the number of units. EXAMPLE: Put 72 units in cart to order a full case.

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